Q: What is The Meat Makers dried beef made of?

A: It is made of pure premium beef top side.


Q: Do you use any preservatives in processing the meat?

A: No.


Q: How do you insure that the dried beef would not go off during transportation?

A: The dried beef remains good for human consumption for quite a long time due to the almost complete  extraction of moisture and there for it does not require any special transportation conditions, and in order to insure that you  will receive a top quality product, we pack it hermetically and add an oxygen-absorbing element into every package.


Q: What is the country of origin of the beef you use?

A: All of our beef originates from Austria and from Spain.


Q: How much fresh meat is used to make one package of The Meat Makers dried beef?

A: During the process curing and  drying the meat loses up to 2/3 of its weight. Therefore to make 40 grams of dried beef we use approximately 120 grams of pure fresh meat.


Q: What if I think that the product is not good to eat?

A: We go through meticulous process of quality control at The Meat Makers, however if you have the slightest doubt about it please dispose the product safely and apply for an exchange or a refund.